Chefs soup of the day

with fresh baked bread roll  £4.25


Chicken liver pate, red onion and cranberry sauce,

With hot buttered toast £4.95


Breaded mushrooms

with garlic mayo dip £4.95


Classic Prawn cocktail,

With brown bread and butter £5.50








Breaded mushrooms, breaded brie wedges, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, dim-sum selection, brie & cranberry parcels with a selection of dips £8.95



The Great Western




To Share

Jacket Potatoes


Served between 12pm & 3pm only


All served with side salad and coleslaw


Mature Cheddar cheese £5.25


Mature Cheddar cheese and Heinz baked beans £5.75


Prawns Marie-Rose £6.50


Chilli con-carne £6.25


Chilli con-carne with mature Cheddar cheese £6.50


Served between 12pm & 3pm only


All served with a small portion of chips


Topside of roast beef in gravy,

With horseradish sauce £6.95


Roast pork with stuffing

and apple sauce £6.95


                          Ham, lettuce and tomato £5.95


Mature cheddar cheese with onion or pickle £5.50


Prawn Marie Rose £5.95


Tuna Mayo £5.95



From the Grill

served with chips, mushrooms, tomato, onion rings & salad garnish


10oz Rump steak £13.95


5oz Rump steak £7.95


8oz Sirloin steak £15.95


Pepper sauce £2.50  Stilton sauce £2.50  


10oz Gammon steak £10.95

served with chips, egg, pineapple, peas and tomato


Fish Dishes


Beer battered haddock, served with,

chips, peas and tartar sauce £9.50


Breaded scampi, served with chips, peas

and tartar sauce £8.95


Spinach and Ricotta cannelloni,

served with salad and garlic bread £7.95


Vegetarian lasagne,

served with chips and salad £7.50



Old Favourites

Carpenters farm 8oz beef-burger with bacon and cheddar cheese,

served with salad garnish chips and coleslaw £9.50


A trio of Carpenters Farm pork sausages,

served with mashed potato, peas and onion gravy £8.95


Homemade cottage pie, topped with mashed potato and

Cheddar cheese, with seasonal vegetables £8.95


Homemade lasagne,

served with salad garnish and chips £8.95


Homemade chilli-con-carne,

served with a choice of basmati rice or chips £8.50


Home cooked ham, served with egg, Branston pickle,

chips & salad garnish £6.95


Lamb shank in mint gravy, served with

Seasonal vegetables, mashed potato or chips £9.95


Hunters chicken

(fillet of chicken, bacon, BBQ sauce, topped with cheddar cheese) served with peas, chips and salad £9.95

Reservations 01926 611977